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Amar Aziz

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What I Do

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Who I Am

I'm an established artist originating from Pakistan who has lived and worked in Norway since 1975. My friends and colleagues would describe me as a positive, outgoing and social person. Graduated graphic designer and interior designer from the Government crafts and art industry in Oslo, and has also completed PPU (practical pedagogical education) in the arts and crafts from the Oslo School. Altogether I have 22 years experience as a graphic designer, five years at Ousland Design and 17 years with Freia. On both these jobs I was involved in packaging design and other graphic design, f. Ex, preparation of posters, menus, promotional material, leaflets and labels. At Freia I had moreover a part ornamentations. Have good experience with programs Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. For many years I have been interested in art and participated in several exhibitions in Norway. I am also very concerned about decoration and has completed commissions on Sinsen school, Valdres office park and at a number of restaurants. This has been the decorations in the form of large murals in the stairwells, on pillars and walls. In his spare time, I am keen to stay in shape. I like playing squash, doing mountain biking, running and gym.


My Work

These are my work.

Say Hello.

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Amar Aziz,Holter Terrasse 7, 1448 Drøbak.Norge
Mobile: +47 45283915 E-mail: amar260651@gmail.com